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    Easy on the coffee, or you’ll be a movie cliche

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    Easy on the coffee, or you’ll be a movie cliche

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    Easy on the coffee, or you’ll be a movie cliche

How to enjoy Seattle

Seattle is a prime destination for people who like their cities green, in every sense of the word. The Emerald City has large, glorious parks, lots of water-based adventures and amazing seafood—and, thankfully, they’re rabid about protecting it all

  • Get out on the water for the best city views: Opt for waterfront sailboat voyages or more active lake kayaking
  • Coffee shops, carts and stands are everywhere. Give Starbucks a rest and sample local faves like Tully’s, Caffe Ladro and Caffé Vita
  • Seattleites love the Ballard neighborhood’s heart-tugging historical pull, plus its wealth of art galleries and one-of-a-kind boutiques

The birthplace of the American coffee renaissance—thank you, Starbucks—and grunge rock—thank you, Kurt Cobain—Seattle is a caffeine-fueled melting pot of hipster cool, serious eco-activism and plain old fun. Combine all three of these elements in must-see attractions like Olympic Sculpture Park (nine acres of, well, sculptures) and the Experience Music Project (an interactive rock museum).

Seattle’s character is the result of its many neighborhoods, each with its own identity. Downtown is filled with urban draws like posh hotels, museums and famed Pike Place Market, home of flying fish and fab eateries. Then there’s historic Pioneer Square, public art-laden Freemont and affluent Queen Anne Hill. Want to get out of town? The city is within an hour of the sippable Washington wine region.

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    When to visit Seattle

    Seattle has a famously rainy reputation. The truth: It doesn’t necessarily get more rain than other places, but it rains more often here. Summer is actually a dry(ish) season, and with its northern location, Seattle doesn’t get scorching hot. In fact, you’ll likely need a sweater at night. Winter is cold, certainly, but this city doesn’t get nearly as frigid as its Eastern counterparts.

Hotels we adore in Seattle

  • The local view

    Most visitors head straight to the Waterfront, and while it has killer views, locals know the shops are mostly tourist traps and the low-rent fish places are more like greasy spoons. Come for the Aquarium and a few exceptional seafood houses—and skip the rest.

  • Gourmet Guide

    Explore Seattle’s Pacific Rim connection at Dahlia’s, whose slightly tacky exterior doesn’t prepare you for the up-market interior and spectacular Asian-meets-Northwest menu.

  • The local view

    Getting Seattle residents inside during the summer is tough—even for a meal. When in Rome…pull up a blanket and join the hordes of locals dining alfresco

  • Gourmet Guide

    About a half-hour outside the city brings you to The Herbfarm, a splurge-worthy restaurant that serves up nine-course gastronomic feasts.

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