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How to enjoy Las Vegas

Gambling, showgirls and non-stop partying. Could we be talking about anyplace except Las Vegas? But guess what: There’s so much more to the Strip. Like some of the most incredible cuisine and theatrical performances in the U.S.

  • The party is non-stop with “dayclubs” like TAO Beach and late nights at incredible clubs like TAO Las Vegas
  • The best way to see Vegas is to wander the Strip at night, taking in the glamour and bright lights of the city’s eye-popping sights
  • The best “attractions” in Vegas are the hotels, where you’ll find roller coasters, Venetian canals and designer boutiques. Explore!

Entertainment is the name of the game in Las Vegas. In fact, it gives New York a run for its money in terms of 24-hour possibilities. In the mood for a buffet at 2 a.m.? Done. Want to see a show at 8 a.m.? No problem. And because it’s not terribly far from LA, lots of Hollywood stars head to Vegas for some R&R. Do a little star hunting at hip clubs or pool clubs like Encore Beach Club.

Despite casinos in every hotel and tops-optional sunbathing, Las Vegas can be family-friendly. Good bets for the kiddos include Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and Circus Circus. Still, it’s called “Disneyland for adults” for a reason: the sights, sounds and tastes are all much better suited for grown-ups.

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    When to visit Las Vegas

    Summer is hot—we’re talking over 100 degrees many days. But it is a desert, so at least the humidity is low. Many people are surprised to learn that winter can dip below freezing, so although it’s an indoorsy kind of place, spring and fall are probably the most comfortable for strolling the Strip.

Hotels we adore in Las Vegas

  • Did you know

    Getting into the most popular clubs can be a tall order. So if you’ve spent considerable time at the roulette wheel or poker tables, ask the pit boss for some club comps.

  • The local view

    Most locals will tell you the best grub is off the Strip. Some of their favorites include amazing Japanese food at Raku Grill on Decatur and the eclectic choices at Todd’s Unique Dining off of Green Valley Parkway.

  • Did you know

    One sin that’s on the decline: smoking. You can no longer light up in restaurants and hotels, though casinos are exempt from the new rules.

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