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    If you’re like Chekov, you’ll fall in love with Moscow and never leave!

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    If you’re like Chekov, you’ll fall in love with Moscow and never leave!

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    If you’re like Chekov, you’ll fall in love with Moscow and never leave!

How to enjoy Moscow

Candy-striped onion domes and point-perfect ballet, Moscow is a center of commerce and a 24-hour party town. Rich cultural heritage melds seamlessly into its 21st century incarnation, creating a city that buzzes with the sensation that things are happening here and now

  • Visit the Novodevichy Cemetery for a who’s who of Russian culture. Notable residents include Prokofiev, Shostakovich and Chekhov
  • Submit to Moscow’s nightlife. It has the well-earned reputation of hosting the world’s best bars and nightclubs  
  • Sample some of the many honeys at the gorgeous Pushkin Café, where you can enjoy afternoon tea and cake or a sumptuous dinner

For the quintessential Moscow tour, take the Metro (you’ll thank us for that tip, it is like no other public transport in the world), put on your walking shoes and saunter from Theatre Square to Red Square. Your route will take in the beautiful Bolshoi Theater and the palatial facade of the Metropol Hotel. Cross Manezh Square (the site of a huge underground shopping mall and respite from the bitter winters) and enter Red Square through the Resurrection Gate.

Red Square itself is a synonym for today’s Moscow. Near the center you will find Lenin’s Mausoleum, his waxen face still on view. At one side is the vast and imposing Kremlin, with its red fort walls, majestic towers and gold domed cathedrals. Facing it is a vast department store, albeit the State Department Store. And at the end, perhaps the most idiosyncratically beautiful of all of Moscow’s landmarks, St Basil’s Cathedral.


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    When to visit Moscow

    Brave the seriously sub-zero conditions to experience the romance of Moscow in the snow. Visit in winter and you can also catch the Vyugovey, an amazing exhibition of ice sculptures at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics.

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