Gritti Palace

Venice, Italy

  • Gritti Palace View 1

    Hemingway’s choice for a seat on the Grand Canal

  • Gritti Palace View 2

    Hemingway’s choice for a seat on the Grand Canal

  • Gritti Palace View 3

    Hemingway’s choice for a seat on the Grand Canal

  • Gritti Palace View 4

    Hemingway’s choice for a seat on the Grand Canal

Why we choose Gritti Palace

A place of exceptional elegance, the restored Gritti Palace retains a reassuringly intimate feel

  • The perfect Venetian Palazzo straight out of a Canaletto painting
  • This was Hemingway’s home in Venice for years
  • Any closer to the heart of Venice, and you’d be in the canal

Gritti Palace is the ideal hotel for world travelers who swoon over history, culture, art and elegance. Rather than a massive, anonymous property, you’ll find only 82 rooms that feel more like private residences and are Venetian works of art in and of themselves.

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We suggest

Staying in the Hemingway Suite at the Gritti Palace if you’re a fan of the great author. He considered the Gritti his home in Venice for many years in the 40s and 50s and wrote prodigiously while here.

What you need to know about the hotel

An historical treasure completely renovated in 2012 blending modern conveniences seamlessly with centuries-old style

  • The 21 suites feature treasures such as hand-blown Murano glass, fine Italian marbles and rare books
  • Famous writers and painters (Hemingway, Maugham, Ruskin) met and gained inspiration at Gritti Palace
  • Forget the same-old fabrics; Gritti Palace is outfitted with rare archival fabrics from leading Venetian weaving houses

Gritti Palace’s origins date back to 1475, when the building was constructed as a private home for the noble Pisani family. It was later turned over to the illustrious Doge of Venice, Andrea Gritti. Since then, it has welcomed not only artistic and cultural giants, but heads of state and Hollywood legends.

In order to keep the property in top luxurious form for the next 500 years, it recently underwent a two-year refurbishment that updated nearly everything while keeping the historic feel.

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We suggest

Booking yourself into the hotel’s Epicurean School and take away more than just a taste of Venice, but the recipes as well.

Where is it and what's nearby

Gritti Palace is located among the wonders of Venice’s opera house, cathedrals, museums and palazzos

  • Unveil Casanova’s secrets with Venetian rooftop paths taking you to the places he was born, met his lovers and, finally, was imprisoned
  • Cruise the Grand Canal in a vaporetto (public water bus) and take in the historical palaces all around
  • Within a five-minute walk is iconic St. Mark’s Square, famous for St. Mark’s Basilica and its Byzantine mosaics

Venice is almost an open-air museum, where every glance delivers another spectacular, historically important picture. It’s also a cultural powerhouse, with museums and galleries galore, and great shopping for local specialties like Murano glassware, lace and Carnival-inspired masks. Gritti Palace makes it easy to hit all of these high points, with its exclusive Grand Canal location in the heart of town. But the hotel also keeps you away from the crowds in an intimate atmosphere that lets you experience the best of Venetian high life.

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We suggest

A visit to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection of 20th century art at her home, the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, just opposite the Gritti on the Grand Canal

How to enjoy Venice

For centuries a picture postcard destination, but Venice is much more than a box to tick on your ’been there, done that’ list. Take your time, plan your journey and La Serenissima will steal your heart

  • Take a motoscafo from the airport and you’ll be in love with Venice before you reach your hotel door
  • Stroll the narrow lanes of St Marks early mornings; discovering delights like the fish market makes you feel like a native
  • Find a comfortable perch with a view of the Grand Canal and marvel at the living history that is Venice

The mists of autumn conjure up an otherworldly Venice as gondolas flit in and out of sight while footsteps echo in the narrow lanes. Carnival brings glorious color and excitement to February’s somber days. Summer is a riot of waterborne festivities from the Vogalonga race to the fireworks spectacle of Il Redentore.

They say that you’ll never meet a poor Venetian, and you can see why if you order a round of drinks from the tempting outdoor tables in the cafes of St Marks Square. The canals are the arteries of the city and the greatest pleasure is to find a quiet waterside perch from which to survey the daily life of this most captivating of cities.

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    When to visit Venice

    From June through November, Palazzo Barbarigo’s 18th century grandeur is home to a series of classical concerts. Summer is regatta season, with pageantry-filled races ranging from huge boats to one-man challenges.

  • You need to know

    That the hotel underwent a major renovation during 2012, re-opening in Spring 2013, making it one of the best appointed hotels in Venice.

  • W. Somerset Maugham wrote:

    There are few things in life more pleasant than to sit on the terrace of the Gritti when the sun, about to set, bathes in lovely colour the Salute, which almost faces you. You see that noble building at its best and the sight adds to your satisfaction.

  • Stars of the Silver Screen

    Woody Allen filmed Everyone Says I Love You at the Gritti Palace.

  • You need to know

    That Acqua Alta, when the streets of Venice can flood with the high tides, comes in Fall and Winter. The city is well prepared for it, and the locals hardly seem to notice.


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  • Full breakfast daily in restaurant for up to two in-room guests, in restaurant
  • USD $100 equivalent food & beverage credit to be utilized during stay (applicable in Club Del Doge restaurant only)

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A peek at some of our favorite rooms and suites

Landmark Grand Canal Room


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