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    If Prada designed a fishing village it would look like Portofino

How to enjoy Portofino

The perfect fishing village that became the playground of the rich and famous, with one of the world’s most iconic hotels

  • The only thing small about Portofino is its size; from the phenomenal scenery to the price tags to the jet setters’ brand new toys—it doesn’t get bigger than this
  • For an uphill climb you’ll enjoy, stroll the well-marked path behind the harbor that winds through the village’s picturesque hills
  • Parking in Portofino is scarce and expensive, so forget about a car: Lock in airport transfers when you book your hotel

How in the world does a small Italian fishing village attract the sparkliest members of the international glitterati? Well, it doesn’t hurt that Portofino is part of the “Cinque Terre” (Five Lands), an area of Northern Italy that stretches south of Genoa. It’s all idyllic villages, Riviera weather and, of course, kiss-your-mama cuisine here. What’s not to like?

Portofino makes the most of its obscenely gorgeous location with ritzy designer shops that keep the well-heeled busy when they’re not showing off their latest Riva Super Aquaramas or Ferraris. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it, though. Nothing captures La Dolce Vita quite like mooring your yacht in the harbor and heading into Portofino for a pricy but scrumptious seafood dinner.

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    When to visit Portofino

    In the summer, the narrow coastal road from Genoa—the only way in and out of Portofino—gets absolutely jammed with traffic. If you’re feeling antsy just thinking about it, pick another time of year for lighter traffic. Maybe.

Hotels we adore in Portofino

Here are the hotels that we love in Portofino. We've shared our insight about what makes each one special to help you select the perfect place to stay

  • You need to know

    Genoa is the closest city, but it doesn’t have many international flights. Don’t be surprised if your itinerary includes Nice or Milan instead.

  • The local view

    Belting out I Found My Love in Portofino may not be original, but locals will love that you know “their” song.

  • Gourmet guide

    You find yourself in gastro-heaven. Liguria heralds trofie pasta and basil pesto from Genoa, while neighbouring Emilia-Romagna offers Parma ham, Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar from Modena. A gentle drive along the coast towards Pisa will unveil a steady string of tempting seafood restaurants.

    Try Locanda delli Tamerici at Ameglia, for local cuisine with a focus on seafood, served in an elegant dining room.

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