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    Former home of Liszt, Bartók and Bela Lugosi

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    Former home of Liszt, Bartók and Bela Lugosi

How to enjoy Hungary

With more than 1,500 natural thermal springs and eight different grades of Paprika ranging from mild and sweet to strong and spicy, Hungary is a hot destination in more ways than one

  • The Neoclassical Széchenyi Baths and sauna complex is a must. Built on thermal springs in Pest’s City Park it is popular with locals and visitors alike
  • Balaton, Europe’s largest fresh-water lake, provides plenty of opportunities to play from water-skiing to sailing and more
  • Ride the Children’s Railway in the Buda Hills. Everything, from ticket sales to blowing the guard’s whistle is done by children aged about 10-14

Budapest, Hungary’s famously divided capital with Buda and Pest each located on opposite banks of the Danube, is undoubtedly the jewel in Hungary’s crown of many attractions. Take a river cruise to take in the majesty of the Royal Palace, Matthias Church and multi-spired Fishermen’s Bastion. Glide below Chain Bridge, the beautiful suspension bridge that links both sides of the city and savor the flavors of a spicy Goulash, washed down with a robust Eger Bikavér (Bull’s Blood) wine.

A couple of hours outside of Budapest, you’ll find the gorgeous Baroque town of Eger. A 14-sided minaret provides wonderful city views and the 97 steps are worth the effort. To recover from the exertion, lie back and float in the naturally warm waters of the enormous local thermal pool park. Head south to explore Pécs. One highlight of its architectural delights is the copper-domed Mosque-Church, evidence of the 143 years Pécs spent under Turkish rule.

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    When to visit Hungary

    Crisp days and vivid blue skies mark Hungary in the winter. Visit in February to catch some of these plus the Busó festivities at Mohács in southern Hungary. This six-day carnival in late February marks the end of winter, and is named after the alarming-looking costumed people in wooden masks and big woolly cloaks.


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