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    England’s green and pleasant land (and a touch of Downton Abbey)

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    England’s green and pleasant land (and a touch of Downton Abbey)

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    England’s green and pleasant land (and a touch of Downton Abbey)

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    England’s green and pleasant land (and a touch of Downton Abbey)

How to enjoy Rest of England

The English may not thank you for pointing this out, but their country is pretty small. Take three of their more quaint cities: Winchester, Ascot and Chester. All are within four hours’ drive of each other, with the two southern cities under one hour apart

  • While staying in Ascot, visit nearby Windsor to see if the Queen is home (her standard flies over Windsor Castle if she’s in)
  • Windsor is also home to two of England’s finest restaurants; Michel Roux’s Waterside Inn and Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck – both with three Michelin Stars
  • Explore Chester’s Rows. Medieval walkways dating back to the 13th century, the Rows today are pedestrian lanes of stores and street performers

If there is one thing the Brits do well, it is history. Take Winchester. On the surface it is just another charming cathedral city in the southern county of Hampshire. Pop through a pub door just off the high street, and suddenly you’ll find yourself in one of the oldest bars in England (predating the founding of the USA by several centuries). Check out another doorway and find King Arthur’s Roundtable. It’s a fake, sure, but one made in the late 13th or early 14th century.

Chester in the North West demonstrates a great example of an even older history. It has some of England’s best preserved examples of Roman walls, complete with towers and gates dating back to about 100AD. Ascot, in the southern county of Berkshire is most famous for its elegant horse racecourse. It also enjoys an impressive pedigree with a history dating back to 1711. While there are meets throughout the year, Royal Ascot is the event to see and be seen at.

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    When to visit Rest of England

    Visit Winchester in early July to catch the Hat Fair. It is Britain’s longest running festival of street theatre and outdoor arts. Royal Ascot takes place every June. Hats are de rigueur for ladies and gentlemen on Ladies Day. 

Hotels we adore in Rest of England

Here are the hotels that we love in Rest of England. We've shared our insight about what makes each one special to help you select the perfect place to stay

  • Gourmet guide

    For those exploring the countryside around London, you’re in luck: some of the most lauded restaurants in England are within a short drive of the capital.

    In the picturesque village of Bray on Thames (near Windsor) you’ll find Heston Blumenthal’s 3-Michelin starred Fat Duck (book 12 months ahead) and the Roux brothers’ 3-Michelin starred Waterside Inn. These are joined by a clutch of gourmet and Michelin-star awarded pubs. Try The Crown or The Hinds Head.

    In neighbouring Marlow, Tom Kerridge’s Hand and Flowers is a two-Michelin star pub (book 6 months ahead).

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