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How to enjoy Uruguay

Uruguay is one of South America’s best kept secrets, known only to locals and well-heeled vacationers from Argentina and Brazil. Here you will find stunning heritage, deserted beaches, world class wine and a welcoming atmosphere

  • Wander the charming cobbled lanes among the pastel buildings of the World Heritage town of Colonia. See the 1745 drawbridge and 1857 lighthouse
  • Take a boat across the river to Buenos Aires for a steak dinner and an evening of tango, or perhaps soccer if Boca Juniors are playing at home
  • Explore the charming waterside town of Carmelo. Attractions include the manually-operated swing bridge and the delightful Seré Beach

If you like your towns chic and your beaches empty, this could be the perfect vacation destination for you. Unspoilt, undiscovered, Uruguay’s Rio de Plata region feels both exclusive and bohemian, like Crete in the 1950s or even the Hamptons in the 1960s. The region itself, close to the border with Argentina, is renowned for its wine. The Chardonnays are aromatic and fresh and the Tannats, the country’s star performers, big, bold and rich.

The Rio de Plata is the world’s widest river and calls out to be explored. Whether mooching about on a Zodiac or on a fishing excursion, look out for the indigenous and rare La Plata dolphins. Horses here are what Harleys are to San Francisco. Find yourself a friendly gaucho (cowboy) and ride off into the sunset or, pick up a mallet and have a go at the national pastime, polo. (The horseback version, not the water kind).

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    When to visit Uruguay

    Uruguay’s warmest season runs from November to February when temperatures hover around the mid to high 70s.

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