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Peru, Central and South America

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    Unique location within the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu

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    Unique location within the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu

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    Unique location within the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu

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    Unique location within the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu

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    Unique location within the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu

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    Unique location within the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu

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    Unique location within the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu

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    Unique location within the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu

Why we choose Belmond Sanctuary Lodge

An upscale lodge on one of the world’s major heritage sites

  • Evenings include a multimedia presentation of Machu Picchu and its orchids
  • The only hotel located adjacent to Machu Picchu
  • Soak in a prepared foot bath with mineral salts post-trek

Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is a one-trick pony, but what a pony it is. If you’re interested in the ancient ruins of the great Incan citadel known as Machu Picchu, this is really the only place to stay. You can explore the massive area for days on end without the crowds because it offers guests access in the early morning and late afternoon, when most visitors and buses have left. It’s quite an advantage, as lots of celebrity guests have discovered.

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We suggest

Grab yourself a Deluxe Mountain View room.

What you need to know about the hotel

Belmond Sanctuary Lodge caters to the culturally curious who also expect royal service

  • The 120-square-foot Presidential Suite is your best shot at luxury, offering a terrace that capitalizes on the amazing views
  • The Massage Room specializes in a range of treatments based on ancient Inca techniques
  • An onsite high-tech telescope is equipped with a computer that locates stars and constellations in the Southern Hemisphere sky

Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge is an Belmond hotel, but it doesn’t have the bells and whistles—or ultra-posh spaces—usually associated with the top luxury brand. The 29 rooms and two suites, for example, are small because they weren’t initially built for a luxury hotel. Rather, they were used by a research team.

What the hotel does offer is unparalleled access to the famous ruins, as well as an all-inclusive rate that nets you meals at the two lovely restaurants without worrying about whipping out your wallet. And while you may not spend much time in your room, you’ll want to check out the magnificent gardens, which have spectacular views across Machu Picchu.

Where is it and what's nearby

Located right beside Peru’s ancient Machu Picchu ruins in a lush jungle

  • Bird watchers will enjoy treks surrounded by the 375 species of identified birds—200 are easily observed while hiking.
  • Machu Picchu’s 125 square miles are home to flora like pisonayes, puya palm trees, ferns and an estimated 300 species of orchids
  • Visit the town of Aguas Calientes, whose natural sulfur hot springs are well known for their medicinal properties

Machu Picchu (the Lost City of the Incas) is believed to have been built in the mid-15th century and was lost to history until its rediscovery in 1911 by an American explorer. One of the most famous examples of Inca architecture, it’s located 70 miles from the Peruvian city of Cuzco and soars 7,700 feet above sea level.

Machu Picchu is actually a complex of different structures and mountains, such as Intipuncu (Sun Gate), Temple of the Moon, Huayna Picchu (Young Mountain) and Putucusi—all of which are accessible by hike. It’s an expansive compound that you can’t hope to explore in a single day, which is why the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is the perfect destination for people who want to discover during the day and return to a comfortable hotel with great service at night.

How to enjoy Peru

For an image that will remain locked in your heart for all time, watch the sun rise from your vantage point at the top of Machu Picchu, it will feel like you are on top of the world in more ways than one

  • Take a plane over the ancient desert of Nazca and try to unravel the meaning of the Nazca lines – giant rock drawings that can only be seen from the sky
  • For one of the most colorful markets in the world, visit Pisac in the Sacred Valley of the Incas on a Sunday when local artisans sell bright textiles
  • For a unique insight into an alternative culture, see the floating villages of the Uros on the world’s highest lake, Lake Titicaca

Visit the oldest continuously inhabited city of the Americas, former capital of the Inca empire, Cusco. The ancient civilization’s rich heritage can still be seen throughout the city, holding out against the Catholic stamp of the Spanish conquistadores. Explore the ruins of Qoricancha, the Sun Temple, and the walled city of Sacsayhuaman, the site of the 1536 battle in which Pizarro’s men battled the Incas.

The ancient Inca mountain citadel of Machu Picchu is a must of course. How you get there depends on the strength of your cardiovascular system and spirit of adventure. One route will involve a train and a smart hotel. Another includes a bedroom made of canvas and strong walking boots. If you choose to hike the Inca Trail, you will need a guide and permission (the government limits how many people can do this each day). Treks vary from three to seven days.

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    When to visit Peru

    To take part in the most important festival in the Inca calendar, visit during the summer solstice for Inti Raymi. The Inti Raymi ceremony takes place in Sacsayhuaman on June 24.

  • You need to know

    Access to the property is via bus, and it’s not close to airports.

  • You need to know

    The property wasn’t conceived as a hotel but for the research team who were studying the citadel. This means the rooms are small and practical, though high-end interiors take the edge off. And let’s face it, you’re here for the convenient location.

  • A word from the hotel

    You should visit Huayna Picchu, situated opposite Machu Picchu, for a panoramic view of the imposing spread of ruins and the Urubamba Valley.
    Miguel Leiva, Concierge


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