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    Cocktails, coffee and quetzals

How to enjoy Costa Rica

It may be smaller than West Virginia, but Costa Rica has plenty to offer from world class coffee, to secluded beaches and healthy, wildlife-filled rainforests. The north-western city of Liberia has long been a jumping off point for visiting the region’s many beaches, national parks and volcanoes

  • Visit a coffee farm, such as Costa Rica’s first gourmet coffee roaster, Café Britt, to see how the nation’s iconic coffees reach your mug
  • Savor Costa Rica’s national cocktail, the Cacique Guaro Sour, while you watch the setting sun light up the sea for a truly memorable evening
  • The Arenal Volcano is among the 10 most active volcanoes in the world. It regularly puffs out smoke and causes some rock avalanches

Nestled on the Central American isthmus between Panama and Nicaragua, Costa Rica touches both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. You can watch the sunrise on the Caribbean coast and sunset on the Pacific coast. The journey is worth it. Costa Rica’s seaboards are stunning and feature picture perfect beaches with white, golden, pink, gray and black sand, beloved of sunbathers, swimmers and surfers alike.

Venture inland and you will be treated to a range of ecosystems from the lush rainforests of Tortuguero and La Amistad, to the pampas of the Northern Plains, and the volcanoes and hot springs of the Guanacaste Mountain Range. It is here and in the cloud forests of Monteverde that you are likely to find the striking, brightly colored Quetzal and tiny Hummingbird. For man-made wonders, search out “Las Bolas”, perfectly spherical stone balls that are a legacy of the Diquís culture.

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    When to visit Costa Rica

    December and January offer plenty in the way of a goof fiesta. Costa Ricans celebrate the holiday season with a week of fireworks, bullfights and fun fairs in towns up and down the country, traditionally sharing apples and grapes with friends and neighbors. In January, try to catch the Fiesta de Santa Cruz for Guanacasteco dancing, marimba music and traditional foods.

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