Blancaneaux Lodge

Belize, Central and South America

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    Exotic eco-resort in a rainforest reserve

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    Exotic eco-resort in a rainforest reserve

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    Exotic eco-resort in a rainforest reserve

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    Exotic eco-resort in a rainforest reserve

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    Exotic eco-resort in a rainforest reserve

Why we choose Blancaneaux Lodge

A luxurious, self-sustaining hideaway in a rainforest wonderland

  • Spa staffers study ancient Thai massage techniques at Bangkok’s Sacred Wat Pho Temple
  • Take a tour on horseback, leaving from the Lodge’s own stables
  • Jaguar Bar’s ceiling fans are from the set of Apocalypse Now

If you like your luxury guilt-free, Belize’s Blancaneaux Lodge is the place for you. Francis Ford Coppola clearly wants to preserve the paradise he found here by ensuring the resort has a low carbon footprint and sustainable design. Yes, the atmosphere is slightly rustic, but services are delivered with taste and style. Plus there’s a drama here befitting a property owned by a legendary filmmaker. 

What you need to know about the hotel

Even well-traveled guests will find something new in this stunning, biologically-diverse area of Belize

  • The Enchanted Cottage is a stone masterpiece with a full kitchen, steam room, plunge pool and personal attendants
  • The three-acre organic garden and fruit and nut orchards provide almost 80% of the produce for Blancaneaux Lodge
  • Take a swim in the Lodge’s freshwater infinity pool or scout out the area’s natural swimming holes and hidden rock pools

Luckily for the rest of us, Francis Ford Coppola turned his family retreat in the Maya Mountains into a tropical lodge anyone can visit. The tucked-away resort has 20 villas and cabanas designed in part by Coppola, with furniture, art and textiles all personally selected by the Coppola family. Everything is very plush—from the private plunge pools and walled gardens to expansive decks with wraparound walkways. But it’s also responsible luxury.

Blancaneaux Lodge rightfully takes pride in its green, sustainable practices, low-carbon energy policy and use of local materials. It’s the ultimate win-win for adventure seekers.

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We suggest

Try the wine list. The interesting wine cellar was selected by Francis Ford Coppola himself.

Where is it and what's nearby

Located within the forest reserves at the heart of Belize’s protected areas

  • In the large, ancient Maya city of Caracol, local guides will explain the history behind the site’s plazas, ball courts and temples
  • Unique animal alert: Watch sharks at Gladden Spit Marine Reserve and scarlet macaws nesting in the Chiquibul National Park
  • It’s orchid hunting at its finest here, where orchid trails lead to trees stacked with five or six different species

Its jaw-dropping location is at least half the draw of Blancaneaux Lodge. The 80-acre property, set on the banks of Privassion Creek on the western edge of the Chiquibul-Maya Mountain Massif, includes postcard-perfect waterfalls and manicured grounds with local flora such as hibiscus, frangipani and heliconia. In addition to an orchid trail that even non-orchid lovers should experience, longer hiking trails lead to secluded quartz sand beaches—perfect for a romantic rendezvous.

By necessity, the Lodge is rather isolated, but it provides guests with plenty of adventures. There’s hiking, of course, along with a spa, horseback riding, guided mountain biking, workshops on conservation, cave explorations and much more.

How to enjoy Belize

Jacques Cousteau described Belize as, ‘One of the four must-dive destinations on this blue planet’—explore coral atolls, the Blue Hole and a vibrant, colorful barrier reef. And why not divide your time between beach and jungle...

  • Dive deep into the Big Blue Hole to discover marine stalactites that stretch up to 15m in length
  • Explore some of Belize’s 200 or so islands and cayes for secluded beaches and fabulous dive sites
  • Visit Caracol to see archaeology in action as the site is still be excavated and examined today

Belize delightfully combines ancient culture with rich wildlife on land and at sea. Caracol, tucked away in the heart of the Chiquibul Forest Reserve is one of the world’s foremost Mayan archaeological sites and its main pyramid, Caana, is the country’s tallest manmade structure. The Reserve itself is home to spectacular Scarlet Macaws, equally colorful Keel Billed Toucans and the rare Baird’s Tapir.

Culture is not just about historical remains of course and the hand-painted signs found throughout the nation aptly capture the laid back essence of the country’s culture: ‘No shirt, no shoes, no problem’. One of Belize’s greatest draws is the quality of its dive sites. Warm waters, a rainbow of coral and fish, and barrier reef stretching from Mexico to southern Belize are just some of the qualities that attract divers and snorkelers from all over the world.

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    When to visit Belize

    Independence Day celebrations take place on September 21st. The driest months are December to May. Southern Belize can get very wet during August and September.

  • We say

    A one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure where ancient civilizations existed.

  • You need to know

    Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th.

  • A word from the hotel

    Which room to choose? For couples wanting solitude and the ultimate accommodations it has to be the Enchanted Cottage. For unique atmosphere, riverside location and the benefit of space for families it has to be the Coppola Villa.
    Bernie Matute, General Manager


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When you book with us

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  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
  • Full breakfast daily for up to two in-room guests, served in restaurant
  • A horseback riding trip through the Jaguar Jungle to Big Rock Falls

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