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How to enjoy Argentina

What do you get if you mix Latin passion with European elegance, the only community outside Wales that speaks Welsh and a national love of soccer (futbolpasion) that is elevated to quite dizzying heights? Argentina, of course

  • For the ultimate Argentine experience, savor a melt-in-the-mouth steak dinner before catching a Boca Juniors home game
  • Perhaps understandably for a nation known for its beef, leather goods are exquisite here; treat yourself to a bag or new shoes
  • From Buenos Aires, take a boat across the world’s widest river to explore one of South America’s other iconic capitals, Uruguay’s Montevideo

The largest of the world’s Spanish-speaking countries, Argentina encompasses more than 1 million square miles of natural wonder and Latin passion. To the North there is the thunderously awe-inspiring Iguassu falls. To the South, Patagonia’s stunning Perito Moreno Glacier rumbles and cracks as huge chunks crumble into the water. To the West are the impassive Andes, reaching a peak of more than 20,000 ft near Mendoza and San Juan.

Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, also captures the passion and intensity of the nation’s stunning landscape. This is perhaps best witnessed in one of the city’s most famous exports; tango. Sultry, steamy, this dance of passion is not confined to professionals but practised by locals of all ages throughout the city’s dancehalls, known locally as milongas.


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    When to visit Argentina

    Visit in August to experience the Buenos Aires Tango Festival or in November and December for the Palermo Open Polo Tournament.

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