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    Where true relaxation is as easy as ABC

How to enjoy Aruba

With its semi-arid climate, temperatures that stay pretty much between 80s and 90s year round and beaches to die for, this little Caribbean island feels like Nirvana

  • Sample the local cocktail; Ariba Aruba is made with coecoei (a crimson liqueur, unique to Aruba)
  • Explore the back roads that run along the rugged north coast and see the eerie rock formations and giant boulders that dot this otherwise flat land
  • Visit the Arikok National Park to see the striking divi-divi trees; they are bent into amazing shapes by the prevailing winds

Forming the A of the ABC islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, Aruba is a delightful Caribbean island about 17 miles off the coast of Venezuela. Its South American proximity and former Spanish heritage is evident in its cuisine and love of a good party. The Mardi Gras Carnival lasts through January and February; and weekly festivities are a feature of Aruba’s calendar during the summer months.

However, Aruba is a former Netherlands colony, something that gives it a unique charm with striking architecture, particularly in the capital Oranjestad that wouldn’t look out of place in Amsterdam. The Netherlands could never compete with Aruba’s beaches though. Swathes of pristine white sands can be found along the southern coast. Further north and east, the wave battered shores are largely untouched by human hands.

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    When to visit Aruba

    Visit during January and February to join in the dancing and parties of Carnival. Or visit in March to catch the celebrations of Aruba’s National Day.

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