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    Experience Queen Victoria’s ’splendour without diminishment’

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    Experience Queen Victoria’s ’splendour without diminishment’

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    Experience Queen Victoria’s ’splendour without diminishment’

How to enjoy British Columbia

True, natives of British Columbia are blessed with a stunning outdoors, but even the most city-dwelling of Vancouver residents are known to really love heading out, whether to go ice sailing in Whistler, bear tracking in a provincial park or simply sunbathing along the beautiful coastline

  • Saddle-up to take in wonderful views and lungfuls of superfresh air as you explore the many forest and mountain trails by horseback
  • Explore the backcountry and virgin snow of the Whistler Blackcomb winter resorts with an experienced guide
  • When you’ve had your fill of the wilderness, recharge in the urban sophistication of Vancouver’s  spas, bars and Chinese restaurants

Q: How do you clear a pool of 200 Canadians? A: Simply say: “Could you please leave the pool”. It may be the repertoire of a stand-up comedian, but the ring of truth will echo long in the acoustically-enhanced fjords of British Columbia. The fact is that when you combine such delicious courtesy with the in-your-face ruggedness of British Columbia’s great outdoors, the result is utterly intoxicating.

There’s plenty of opportunity to get up close and personal with BC’s wilderness. Whether schussing Whistler’s steeper powdered faces, exploring the dirt trails of Vancouver’s Stanley Park, or using a kayak excursion to spot whale, porpoise or bear, BC has it and then some. The highlight? Too many to choose from, but why not start with a train journey over Stoney Creek Bridge? Just one word of advice; don’t look down.

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    When to visit British Columbia

    Visit in late summer or early autumn to see bears catching salmon swimming upstream. Winter is a must if you are to take advantage of the region’s legendary powder. Spring and summer are great times to go whale watching.


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