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    Less High Life, more quiet life

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    Less High Life, more quiet life

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    Less High Life, more quiet life

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    Less High Life, more quiet life

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    Less High Life, more quiet life

How to enjoy Bermuda

British refinement meets Caribbean joie de vivre in the island chain of Bermuda. Its combination of turquoise seas, historic sites and natural wonders create lifelong fans who return year after year to this soothing escape

  • Inside the Botanical Gardens—a 35-acre gem in itself—is the new Bermuda Masterworks Collection, an impressive array of Bermuda-inspired work
  • Want to know what Bermuda is really like? Authentic Bermuda can be found on St. David’s Island, an out-of-the-way, “untouristy” spot
  • Shopping is a highlight here, with visitors snapping up high-end British crystal, tablewear and antiques at better-than-stateside prices

It’s possible the whole Bermuda Triangle thing was created because sailors didn’t want to leave once they’d experienced the tranquil beauty of Bermuda. This relatively small island chain is more “ahh” than “woo-hoo,” so party animals beware. But for vacationers who want to soak up the sun with an umbrella drink—minus the crime and exhaustingly persistent peddlers—it’s an ideal getaway.

Bermuda is a beach lover’s dream, with gorgeous water for swimming, snorkeling and fishing (though not always in the same places). You’ll know you’re in Bermuda when you step onto the beach and find pink sand instead of white, an oddity that helps explain the popularity of its many beaches. We’re partial to Shelly Bay beach on the north shore—not exactly unknown but not overcrowded either.

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    When to visit Bermuda

    Though most people think of Bermuda as a tropical island, its climate is only semitropical—meaning the winters can be surprisingly cool. Not grab-your-parka cold, but you probably won’t be heading to the beach until spring arrives.

Hotels we adore in Bermuda

Here are the hotels that we love in Bermuda. We've shared our insight about what makes each one special to help you select the perfect place to stay

Tailor made trips that include Bermuda

There are many ways to enjoy Bermuda, here's our pick of the best combinations of all-inclusive tours and vacations.

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Scuba and snorkel

Flippers on, it's snorkel time!

  • Gourmet Guide

    This former British colony has maintained the English tradition of afternoon tea, so indulge in a cuppa at your hotel or high-brow restaurant.

  • The local view

    Skip the flip-flops and tank tops for dinner out. Unlike many tropical islands, Bermuda’s dress code is on the more formal side.

  • The local view

    Leave your lead foot at home; they’re not kidding about the slooooow speed limits (only 20 mph even outside cities).

  • Did you know

    Many of the most popular beaches have lifeguards on duty (at least part of the time)—a rare find on a Caribbean island.

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