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    Indulgent, secluded, tropical luxury

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    Indulgent, secluded, tropical luxury

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    Indulgent, secluded, tropical luxury

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    Indulgent, secluded, tropical luxury

How to enjoy Maldives

After spending just a few hours on a tiny coral island where the most stressful thing you need to do is decide whether to float on the azure pool or the turquoise sea, you might be forgiven for dreaming longingly of shipwrecks and strandings

  • On the very slim chance that you might not be absolutely, completely and totally relaxed within minutes of arrival, sample the massage menu from your hotel’s spa
  • Go snorkeling or diving to discover a world rich in marine life, including dolphins, turtles, rays and a myriad of colorful reef fish
  • For more adrenaline-fuelled adventure seek out the watersports of your hotel; choose from sport fishing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, parasailing and more

Viewed from the air, the 26 atolls and their coral reefs that make up the Maldives archipelago look like bracelets. Precious diamonds and emeralds scattered on a cushion of deepest blue. The sense of something priceless is only further enhanced on arrival. There is something exquisitely romantic and enthralling about visiting a tropical island that you can only reach via speedboat or seaplane.

Although there are plenty of watersports to indulge in, from surfing to snorkelling, diving and fishing, it is the opportunity to relax completely that makes the Maldives so seductive. Feel tensions melt away as you float on an infinity pool and gaze into the endless distance. Roll from your bed and flop effortlessly into the sparkling turquoise water, taking full advantage of your water-villa’s proximity to the lagoon. Or plonk your day bed on a deserted spit of sand and let the sound of lapping waves on the beach lull you gently.

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    When to visit Maldives

    The best time to visit is between December and early April, when the weather is hot and dry with infrequent showers. Although to be fair, the Maldives are a year-round destination.

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