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    An ancient capital guarded by a Terracotta Army

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    An ancient capital guarded by a Terracotta Army

How to enjoy Xian

Awe-inspiring Xi’an has so much to offer — you may need several visits to take it all in

  • A must-see: the spectacular tiered Giant and Small Wild Goose Pagodas, which sit beside Asia’s largest fountain
  • Huaqing Hot Springs has an imperial history dating back more than 3,000 years and features several stunning palace complexes and gardens
  • Savor the unforgettable colors and fragrances of Xian Wanshou Road Chinese Medicine Market where many practitioners stock up

Located in central north-east China, Xi’an is one of the nation’s four great ancient capitals, a heritage that can be seen throughout the city in its architecture, parks and temples. Today it is one of China’s 13 emerging megacities and although not quite on the same scale as Beijing or Shanghai, it has an exciting, big and busy feel. Much of its architecture, both ancient and modern, is on a large scale, including the impressive city wall.

If you see nothing else during your trip to Xi’an, make sure you visit the Terracotta Army. Each one of the 8,000 lifesize soldiers is individual, with unique features and expressions. Looking into their eyes feels like looking into the past and will send a shiver down your spine. In addition to the Terracotta Warriors are Terracotta Horses, the remains of wooden chariots and large scale bronze models of horses and chariots.

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    When to visit Xian

    Visit in September to see the Xi’an Ancient Culture and Art Festival where the city celebrates folk art and dancing. Summer in Xian is hot and humid. Winter is cold and dry. Although Fall and Spring are both warmer than winter, they share its tendency to be dry.

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