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    “...this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” — Casablanca

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    “...this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” — Casablanca

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    “...this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” — Casablanca

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    “...this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” — Casablanca

How to enjoy Morocco

Morocco is destined to beguile you with the hustle and dazzle of its souks and street theatre, and soothe you with the total serenity of the majestic Atlas Mountains

  • Bring spare luggage space; enough to fit in a hand-knotted rug or two. If not, just buy a new bag, there are plenty in the souks
  • Escape from the hustle of the streets by steaming off the dust of the day in a Hammam. A private one is best, along with a scented oil massage
  • Enjoy the beauty of the Atlas Mountains, often snow-peaked and deep russet red, peppered with shrubs on the lower slopes

Head to Marrakech’s central plaza, Djemaa el-Fna, just before dusk. Find a bar with a good view of the square and watch the spectacle that has happened every evening since time immemorial unfold before your eyes. See merchants wheel in brightly-colored carts of oranges and squeeze the thick, tart juice on demand. Watch the snake charmers and acrobats source their space and charm the burgeoning crowds. Note the chefs firing up portable barbecues—trickles of smoke are good markers—and spot the fortune tellers from their wild-eyed fervor.

Once fortified by your refreshing glass of mint tea, dive into the square and become part of the carnival. Marrakech by day still retains much of this festive atmosphere, especially amid the labyrinthine souks. For a bazaar to rival that of Marrakech, visit Fès. The medina of Old Fès is the largest living Islamic medieval city in the world and it will be tough not to get lost in the tiny alleys of the souk. Never fear, you will find your way out eventually laden with enough rugs, leather goods and exquisite Berber blue pottery to make the hassle totally worthwhile.

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    When to visit Morocco

    Perhaps Morocco’s greatest festival take place in Fes in June; the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music. In terms of weather, Morocco can be stifling hot in summer and stingingly cold in winter, with lovely, warm, blue-sky days in between. During Ramadan, many restaurants close during the day.

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