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    Miles of white sand beaches and gentle seas

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    Miles of white sand beaches and gentle seas

How to enjoy Mauritius

About 700 miles or so off the Eastern coast of Madagascar lies the small island of Mauritius. It represents the final resting place of the extinct Dodo and a wonderful place to rest for vacationers; who are very much alive

  • For an insight into colonial life, visit the museum inside the sugar mansion, Eureka, before tasting Mauritian cuisine in the sumptuous restaurants
  • The vibrant capital, Port Louis, reflects the island’s diverse culture with churches, mosques and Chinese and Indian temples
  • See the natural lake at the heart of the extinct volcano, Trou au Cerfs, in the middle of the Mauritian central plateau

Its location miles from anywhere in the Indian Ocean is absolutely at the heart of this island’s charm. The closest neighbor, Réunion, is about 120 miles away. After that we are talking hundreds of miles in one direction and thousands of miles in the other to the nearest landfall. This gives Mauritius a relaxed sense of seclusion, which is further heightened by isolated sandy coves and the remote highlands.

Secluded relaxation doesn’t tell the whole story. This island likes to play and has done for many years. Indeed one claim to fame is that, in 1844, it was only the third country in the world to build a golf course. Today there are more than 20 courses to play. The island’s main draw is white and sandy. With more than 100 miles of pristine beaches, clear turquoise water and reefs begging to be dived and snorkelled, what’s not to love?

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    When to visit Mauritius

    Mauritius celebrates a full calendar of multicultural events. Key dates include March 12, Independence Day, which is a great excuse for an island-wide party. Tamil fire walking ceremonies take place between December and February and, every September, Mauritians of all faiths walk or drive to Sainte-Croix near Port Louis to visit the tomb of the Blessed Jacques Désiré Laval.

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