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    From belly dancers to antiquities and fine cotton linen

How to enjoy Egypt

If you are lucky, your Cairo hotel will offer you views of the pyramids from your room. There is nothing quite like pulling open the drapes in the morning to be greeted by the last remaining ancient wonder of the world, blushing in the pink dawn light

  • Explore Cairo’s largest and centuries old bazaar, Khan el-Khalili. Great buys include silk slippers and high thread-count cotton
  • Visit Luxor Temple when lit at night. Already magical, it reaches another level of wonder and will make a stunning photo
  • You’ll need to bend double to get in and climb up steeply to reach the Great Pyramid’s central tomb, but wow what a feeling when you arrive

Cairo is quite unlike any other city on earth. It is huge (7 million inhabitants or so), dusty, smelly and captivatingly beautiful. Giza’s pyramids and enigmatic Sphinx help with the sense of allure, of course, but it is more than that. It is the haunting muezzin calls to prayer from tall minarets at dusk. It is the labyrinth of bustling lanes in the Medieval quarter, punctuated with Coptic churches, tiled gates and bazaars bursting with the mundane, odd and truly wonderful.

Cairo has more than enough to keep you occupied for many days. But if you fancied exploring further afield, travel down the Nile in style aboard a luxury boat or fly to Luxor and then Abu Simbel. At Luxor and nearby Karnak see the giant columns of stunning and vast ancient temples. Visit the site of Tutankamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings. And at Abu Simbel, near the Aswan Dam, visit the massive rock temples graced by the giant seated statues of Rameses II.

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    When to visit Egypt

    Time your trip to see the Abu Simbel Festival on February 22 and October 22 every year. At this time of year, shafts of sunlight enter the temple and illuminate the statues of the two sun gods, Re-Horakhte and Amen-Re, to which Ramses II dedicated the temple. Locals celebrate with dance, music, food and a feel-good factor all round.

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